Established in 1998 by Vipin Chauhan, Lotus Management Consultancy Ltd. works with practitioners, managers, volunteers, funders and policymakers to enhance organisational performance, management practices and service outcomes. Vipin is an established consultant with a breadth of transferable skills gained from working nationally and internationally in the higher education, voluntary, community, NGO, co-operative and public sectors.

He is the author of “Beyond Steelbands ‘n’ Samosas” (1989: NYB), which was influential in shaping understandings and thinking about youth and community work with Black young people.

Lotus Management Consultancy Ltd. often works in partnership with other established consultants, trainers, researchers and lecturers with expertise, skills and knowledge in regeneration, heritage, health, equality and diversity, global education, youth and community work, community development, evaluation, co-operatives, social enterprises, rural community development and social media.